TurtleTruck's Guide to Johnson Valley OHV Area

Use your Smart Phone or Tablet (iOS or Android) as a GPS!
No Cell Service is Necessary (once the App and file are downloaded)

Added to this version of the map
 (v1a, September 2020)
A new Hammerís trail, Thorís Hammer.
Added Orange Hammer to Trail Difficulty List.
New Expanded OHV Boundaries.
Tracks in the Upper Johnson Valley Yucca Rings area.
Tracks in the hills East of Anderson Dry Lake.
Tracks in the North Anderson Area.
Tracks in the Target Peak Area.
Tracks in the NE OHV Area.
Tracks in the Ord Mountains Limited Use Area.
Access to the new Giant Rock Unit of the OHV Area.
The text area has been updated to describe the above changes.

Available at:

This map covers the entire OHV Area and beyond
Based upon actual GPS tracks

The map is huge, 34" x 50"
Beautiful shaded relief topographic basemap
Zoom in up to 400%
A blue dot shows your location on the map
Record tracks, drop waypoints, navagate, draw and measure

It features:
The Hammer Trails, Fry Mountain Trails, Cougar Buttes Trails
Loop Trips and the best tracks to travel between areas
 Borders / Main Areas / Access Roads / Camping Areas
Easy / Moderate / Difficult Off Road Trails

Points of Interest / Rock Trail Difficulty Chart
 Highway 247 Mileage Chart and Turnouts / How to Get There

Points of Interest and Tracks outside of the OHV Area
Plus the locations of the nearest:
 Gas Stations / RV Dump and Fill / Propane
Markets / Auto Parts / Hardware Stores / Hospitals

Screen Shots, iPhone 6S Plus (rendered in high resolution within the app), screen shots are of version v1

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