TurtleTruck's Guide to Johnson Valley OHV Area

Use your Smart Phone or Tablet (iOS or Android) as a GPS!
No Cell Service is Necessary (once the App and file are downloaded)

Available at:

This map covers the entire OHV Area and beyond
Based upon actual GPS tracks

The map is huge, 30" x 45"
Beautiful shaded relief topographic basemap
Zoom in up to 400%
A blue dot shows your location on the map
Record tracks, drop waypoints, navagate, draw and measure

It features:
The Hammer Trails, Fry Mountain Trails, Cougar Buttes Trails
Loop Trips and the best tracks to travel between areas
 Borders / Main Areas / Access Roads / Camping Areas
Easy / Moderate / Difficult Off Road Trails

Points of Interest / Rock Trail Difficulty Chart
 Highway 247 Mileage Chart and Turnouts / How to Get There

Points of Interest and Tracks outside of the OHV Area
Plus the locations of the nearest:
 Gas Stations / RV Dump and Fill / Propane
Markets / Auto Parts / Hardware Stores / Hospitals

Screen Shots, iPhone 6S Plus (rendered in high resolution within the app)

Updated 11/7/19